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Seating/ Concept design

Lucca Chair/ Concept Design

The dimensions are 30"H. x 20"W. x 23"D.

The Lucca chair is a concept design precisely designed for the D Chair Formabilio contest by our principal designer, Cristian Arostegui G.

The intention with this piece was to gather and blend the specific style of Formabilio's porfolio style. When looking at the Luca chair you can find hints of formabilio's products like the Duale and Loto tables, and the Linito and Antia chairs.

The main goal was to create a chair that can be assembled easily by the client and also to have the possibility to mix and try different colour and materials options.

The Lucca chair will allow you to pick and combine different materials and colours. Made with tubular steel, plywood and flat steel, this easy assembly chair will facilitate storage and shipping. The design was based on Formabilio’s existing designs as Duale, Loto, Linito and Antia. The CMYK colours plus white were chosen for this functional chair design.