Ttris Shelves- Modular shelving

Ttris shelves, a modular, simple and versatile design that provides total freedom to end user. People can create their own unique and personal layouts and spaces.

The Ttris shelves are inspired by the 1980’s video game Tetris, hence the name. In hunting for a unique and different solution for wall shelves and decorative storage systems, the concept and appearance of the computer game provided us with inspiration: geometrical shapes, random sequences and manipulated objects.

Our main objective was to design a simple but stimulating modular shelves that will provide clients with the freedom to customize inspiring spaces.  Shelves that can be rotated in any direction welcome and incite clients’ creativity to design their own unique patterns. 

Five different shapes compose the Ttris collection, giving a vast array of possibilities. Each shelf is acquired independently, allowing clients to plan and customize to their own needs and styles.

We are currently embarking on the prototype stage for this design, using Dodeka, a local companies for the manufacturing process. The goal is to keep all manufacturing within British Columbia. Producing locally not only supports local business and economy, but also has a positive environmental impact, greatly reducing the carbon footprint involved in distribution.

The Ttris collection has been designed with aluminum in mind.  We chose to work with aluminum because of its low density and thus low weight, high strength, superior malleability and easy machining. The low density of aluminum keeps the shelves lightweight without affecting strength.

All the shelves have a depth of 9” and a hight of 9” as well (except the Flat) shelf.

Shelves denomination and sizes:

- L shelf: 22 1/4”L x 9”H. x 9”D.

- Large U shelf: 22 1/4”L x 9”H. x 9”D.

- Small U shelf: 12 1/2”L x 9”H. x 9”D.

- Large V shelf: 26 1/4”L x 9”H. x 9”D.

- Small V shelf: 15”L x 9”H. x 9”D.

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