Ttris shelves, a modular, simple and versatile design for the walls of your house. Get any shapes you want, any colours you want and organize them however you prefer! Design by Cristian Arostegui from Arostegui Studio and manufactured locally in Victoria, BC, Canada.


In this section we want to feature some of our furniture pieces. They could be part of our collection, custom made furniture project or one of our concept designs.

At Arostegui Studio we design and manufacture original and eclectic furniture in Victoria, Canada. We are very proud that our furniture collections, custom made furniture, prototypes and product designs are carefully designed in the Studio and crafted by local skilled makers on the island.

Our goal is to make you feel proud of the furniture you bring into your home or office. To achieve this goal, we produce unique and contemporary designs that are built with a socially and environmentally conscious approach.  

We utilize a blend of materials (wood, metal, glass, concrete, resin), colours and textures, making every effort to provide unique and different pieces. Whenever possible, reclaimed and local materials are part of our projects.

Without a doubt, the designs from Cristian are honest, memorable and have that uniqueness that our west coast tend to offer. His approach is new, but with an old school understanding.   With his architectural background and his experience he is far away from current designers that just because they build furniture, they can call themselves designers.

-Ivan Meade, principal designer of Meade Design Group