Marea bench- by Cristian Arostegui.jpg

marea BENCH


Marea bench- Modular Seat

20"W. x 18"H. x 15 1/2"D.

Marea bench was designed and built by Cristian Arostegui G. as a final exam at the furniture making program in Toronto. 

The bench was inspired on the movement of the ocean, hence the name “Marea”, which means tide in Spanish. The focus was not only on the visual appeal of the piece, but also on its functionality and ability to adapt to the current needs of people nowadays. People are living in smaller spaces; therefore, the solution was to utilize a modular concept, allowing clients to get the number of pieces that work well in their own living or working space. The modular concept would also work in public spaces such as museums, offices and art galleries.

The original design allows for adaptation to any environment, from the smallest bachelor suite, to a large commercial area. Although the Marea bench was built using wood, solid red oak, the design could be adapted to a wide variety of materials, like acrylic or concrete, to suit both the intended environment and the needs of the client.

The last two images are digital renderings that show the different materials that the Marea bench could be built with.

The dimensions of each bench are W 20", H 18", D 15 1/2"

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