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Airy console table 1.5 by Cristian Arostegui for Arostegui Studio- Modern furniture-2.jpg

The Studio

  We design modern furniture that fit your space


Modern Furniture locally made in Victoria-BC



In this section we want to feature some of our furniture pieces. They could be part of our collection, custom made furniture project or one of our concept designs.





Check out the versatility of our Ttris shelves and how much freedom it provides to end user. People can create their own unique and personal layouts and spaces. A modular and simple design, manufactured locally in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Without a doubt, the designs from Cristian are honest, memorable and have that uniqueness that our west coast tend to offer. His approach is new, but with an old school understanding. With his architectural background and his experience he is far away from current designers that just because they build furniture, they can call themselves designers.

                                    -Ivan Meade, principal designer of Meade Design Group